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+420 774 668 011 ,

Nejsme provozovatel├ę ┼átrambersk├ę Tr├║by.
Zab├Żv├íme se realizac├ş program┼» HRADN├Ź AKADEMIE.

truba_logoStramberk castle
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To save you time, here are a few tips on how to reach us and where to park.

If you want a proper day out, we recommend you take the train ÔÇô either across one hill (from Kop┼Öivnice) or across two hills (from Nov├Ż Ji─Ź├şn). Get off at the ┼átramberk station, cross the wooden bridge over the tracks, and then keep walking uphill. DonÔÇÖt give up ÔÇô keep going until you reach the town square, and then walk to the top of the hill where the castle and the tower are located. There are two routes from the square to the castle. The first ÔÇô which is also suitable for cyclists ÔÇô is a twisting street which runs past the townÔÇÖs church and many picturesque cottages, often wholly or partly made of wood. The second route ÔÇô suitable for pedestrians as long as you are in good shape ÔÇô is via stone steps leading directly from the square to the castle. We do not recommend you arrive by ship or plane, though helicopters might be able to touch down in the square :-)

By car

From Brno (motorway: Brno ÔÇô Vy┼íkov ÔÇô Olomouc ÔÇô Hranice ÔÇô Nov├Ż Ji─Ź├şn ÔÇô ┼átramberk)

From Olomouc (Olomouc ÔÇô Hranice ÔÇô Nov├Ż Ji─Ź├şn ÔÇô ┼átramberk)

From Opava (Opava ÔÇô Nov├Ż Ji─Ź├şn ÔÇô ┼átramberk)

From Ostrava (Ostrava ÔÇô P┼Ö├şbor ÔÇô ┼átramberk)

From Zl├şn (Zl├şn ÔÇô Vset├şn ÔÇô Vala┼ísk├ę Mezi┼Ö├ş─Ź├ş ÔÇô ┼átramberk)

You can plan your own route via Google Maps.


We strongly recommend you read the text Where to park in Štramberk

By train

Whichever direction you are coming from, you will need to change trains for ┼átramberk either in Stud├ęnka or in Ve┼Öovice.

To search for connections we recommend


By bus

From Ostrava (Ostrava ÔÇô Fr├Żdek-M├şstek ÔÇô Kop┼Öivnice ÔÇô ┼átramberk)

From Olomouc (Olomouc ÔÇô Nov├Ż Ji─Ź├şn ÔÇô ┼átramberk)

From (Zl├şn ÔÇô Vala┼ísk├ę Mezi┼Ö├ş─Ź├ş (Vset├şn) ÔÇô Nov├Ż Ji─Ź├şn ÔÇô ┼átramberk)

To search for connections we recommend



Štramberk has its very own mini-train (which runs along local roads). The train will pick up you at the main arrival points or car parking areas and take you right into the centre of the town.

Timetable of the Štramberk mini-train (PDF)


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Knights of Štramberk Castle




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